First Blog. Ever!

As I embark on my first solo tour, I’m excited to start my first blog as well!

On Sunday, my parents hosted what seems to be becoming an annual Jack Cimo/LA Duo House Concert. I couldn’t have been happier with this kickoff to my two and a half week tour along Route 66. Not only were there a ton of people there, but my mom made some delicious food for preconcert and intermission. Those coconut macaroons went quick… In the audience there were guests from Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Michigan. Talking with the guy from Hong Kong inspired me to start thinking about doing an Asia tour someday. Apparently classical guitar is somewhat of a rarity over there.

Anyway, the concert was really a success, and I couldn’t have been more grateful for the folks’ generosity at the door. They donated more than enough for me to get to my next stop, St. Louis. Also, my friend Kathryn Coughlin actually went home and came back with the coolest piece of tour gear ever. It’s an old camera case that was her grandfather’s, and she gave it to me to use for CDs and tips. So excited about that!

On to the open road…

LA Duo rockin' the house

LA Duo rockin’ the house