Welcome to Miam-ah

After getting back on the road Tuesday, I was ready to see the Ozarks in Missouri. The plan was to stop in to a few places and try out a couple “guerrilla” concerts. Most exciting to me was Jesse James’ hideout the Meramec Caverns. I got off the highway, passed a desolate wax museum, and drove a few miles into the hills. As I pulled up to the Caverns, I noticed a Disneyland-like commercialism to the place. They set up a zipline that went across the river, and the gift shop was humongous! Well, the cavern would’ve been a great place to set up. It was cool, quiet, and tons of people were there. After talking to the info people, who were excited about the idea, the manager nixed the idea. People are scared of the unusual…

Jesse James'  Disneyland hideout

Jesse James’ Disneyland hideout


I then tried Springfield, MO out, but I couldn’t really find a good place to set up. It was mostly strip malls. Where are the public squares??? So, I cut my losses and headed to Oklahoma.

After a much needed rest, I headed to the Coleman Theater on Wednesday. This place was incredible. I set up from 10-4 and played mini-sets for guests as they got tours. Everyone who came in was European. I had a good time trying to play pieces from each of their countries. Darcie, the manager there, was a peach. She was really supportive of the tour idea, and seemed to be taking the Theater’s programming in a great direction. Thanks Darcie!

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One of the great things about this tour is how we can set shows up while on the road. It is really addicting, and it makes me realize this type of trip could be really extended indefinitely. While driving, I set up shows for Alburquerque, LA, and San Luis Obispo. Thank god for a smartphone…

Look out for the next post about the Italian restaurant circuit and the National Cowboy Museum in OKC. Also-check out my duo’s facebook page for new recordings and LIKE it! www.facebook.com/duosogno

Selfie in the car

Selfie in the car